Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Turkey 2014- Part 4

Damn, it took me ages to continue about my Turkey trip.

I'm so busy with my so called life as a baker, ( feel free to follow my instagram - @nowwaheavenlydessert ) plus other so called routine.

Let's us continue. 

As our apartment is just like 500meter from the Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia area, we decided just to walk.I love the Sultanahmet area in the morning with the breezy air and nice weather. Now I feel that I miss Istanbul.( vigil mak lama day tak travel ni oiiii)

On the way to the Blue Mosque, we stopped by at Kucuk Hagia Sophia which is in front of our apartment.

As part of the group members, insisted to have belly dance show, on the way from the apartment, we were like, stop to each of the travel agent that we met for the best price for the Bhosporus River Cruise at nite. Then we arrived at Blue Mosque which opposite of it is Hagia Sophia.

The feeling of seeing both monuments for the first time was priceless. As we only have two days in Istanbul, before we're going to Cappadocia, we decided to try the Hop in Hop Out service and cover both sides of the city. The Asia part & the Europe Part.

You can click here for the map that we covered that day as we opt for the blue line for the 1st day and red line for the second day plus the Bosphorus Tour on the day.

All photos are taken using my iPhone. I've no mood in DSLR anymore and just be happy with this quality photo that I have.