Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey 2014- Part 3

Alhamdulillah after 4 hours++ we arrived safely at Ataturk Airport.

Everything was fine except, where is my airport transfer?

I called Suleiman, the owner of the apartment and asked him about the airport transfer but, it took us more than 1 hour to get in the shuttle to our apartment. It's tiring, frustrating for me as I've told him earlier about my arrival time.

We're staying at the old city, the Sultanahmet area, where the Blue Mosque is just 500 meter away from our apartment.

It's cold, dark and am hungry.

Luckily the apartment was really nice for 7 of us except, the stairs are too small.

We check-in, have some rest and we cooked our meal that day.

I went to the shop nearby to buy some groceries and have a nice night out that nite even it's really cold.

View from our apartment. Till then,  to be continued.

Things to ponder
*we booked our apartment through
*need to confirm about the airport transfer
*old city area required a lot of walking to the main attraction

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Turkey 2014 - Part 2

17th October was our date to be departed from Malaysia to Dubai.

On the day, all of us gathered at the airport and try to get to know each other. I only know 3 of them and another 3 on that day.It's another challenge for me. To travel with strangers!!!

My head starts thinking a lot. How if they don't like it.How if they will complain?Arghh, that's what I hate the most.

Our flight at 10.30 am local time with the total of 12 bags checked in. Phew 7 person with 12 bags and the adventure not yet begin.Now I'm so ruin if they are shopaholic!( extra baggage)

The journey to Dubai was really smooth except for the 1st time I saw someone ( I mean my travel partners) ate Nasi Impit on board. They brought bekal on board and eat Nasi Impit with rendang. Ok fine, it's funny and weird for me but it's ok as long they're happy.

Once we touched down, our hand luggages were send to my friends house as my mom don't want to follow us strolling over Dubai. As we only have 21 hours before our tomorrow's flight, I've decided to bring them to Dubai Mall, to take some photos of Burj Al Dubai, the Fountain, the Aquarium and having a nice day out there.

They enjoyed it so much and take as many photos as it can be. Then we went to my friend's house and sleep over there for a nite before we off to Istanbul the next morning.

The traveling partners are Zac, Maina, Kak Abid, Kak Mid & Along.

Things to ponder:
*Malaysian don't need visa to enter UAE
*There are taxi for ladies in Dubai
*Once arrived at the airport just find the signage for Taxi and Q there
*They speaks English everywhere
*Their money is AED - Emirati Dirham
*Dubai Mall is HUGE. Avoid being there on weekends, especially Friday.It was packed, the toilet is not as clean as it used to be, and you can have what type of food there as everything is HALAL.
*Go for Dubai Fountain Show at 6pm.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Turkey 2014 - Part 1

Jetlag strikes me.

I've touched down since 3pm, having the nice of breezy Malaysian air and had nice Malaysian meal, then a nice shower from my own bathroom then I fall asleep like a baby on my bed.

Owh! How I missed being home.15 days away and missing those smell of my pillows are really hard actually. Somehow, I love to be out from my comfort zone and challenge myself out but missing home is always part of me.

After a nice sleep, now I'm fully awake jumping out and down watching my favourite series Scandal, while typing this too. LOL :)

Let's get started.

I've been dreaming to have a solo trip to Turkey ever since I want to be there. It's just because not many people will be happy with my addiction of historical places if they follow me there.

I've been dreaming ever since to see Blue Mosque in front of my eyes, have glance of Hagia Sophia, feel the victory once in the Constantinople used to be the capital of Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires.

Duhh! Alien words for non historical fan people hah..

OK not going to write some history facts here but just wanna share with you Turkey from my eyes.

I've booked my ticket since June and planning for the Autumn trip as I'm dying to wear any of my 7 trench coats that I've with my knee high boots. Well it's me, I love being photographed, I love selfie and hell yeah am addicted to myself. 

Can I say that too? Weirdo? Come on at least I've the guts to admit for that and I know myself to damn well before anyone of you gonna say bad about me.Woohoo...

After Eid, some of my friends wanna tag along for my trip. Well instead of being alone, I think the more is merrier. Damn! Without realising that I'm going to plan for every single thing for the trip and manage around 40k++ of money for the tickets and ground arrangement. As they are 7 of us!

OK we will see what RM7k per person will do for us.

The route will be KL- Dubai-Istanbul-Cappadocia-Pamukkale -Ephasus - Athens -Santorini.
8 places, 7 peoples with RM7k per person.

Woweee...It was a big decision. It was tiring days of planning, reading every single reviews, trying to find the best ground arrangement, the best place to stay, the itinerary, need to check the entrance ticket for each places, activities, meals, transportation and bla bla bla.

I'm not interested in hiring any Travel Agency for this,  because I want to challenge myself of doing everything by myself.

So, I've booked my tickets through Emirates and plan for 21 hours of transit for me to meet some  of my friends and stroll over the Dubai Mall, before off to Istanbul.

My ticket was booked on June and I got it at RM2.2k for return ticket while them RM2.6k as they booked 3 months later than mine.

After the tickets are booked, now the tiring part started. The ground arrangements. Most of my hotels booking done by Booking.Com and for my accommodation.

Both are trusted website and not to worry to much. Done the air tickets, done with the ground arrangement and the adventure begin! Yeeehaaaa....

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Teaser for my Turkey-Greece 2104 Trip

I have another 3 days before I'm back to my beautiful country, Malaysia.

I had so many adventure in handling 6 of traveling partner in this trip.

Can't wait to share with all of you my happiness and my adventure this time.

I want to write in a fun way but detail itineraries about my adventure.

You know why? Cuz none of blogger ever describe to me some of the information that I think I need to know as guidance to anyone who wants to travel cheap but fun.

I will Insha Allah, to blog, to share lotsa of things for your guidelines.

Till then.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Singapore 2014

This is a day out. This is definitely a gastronomy adventure.

As I'm back from Dubai at the end of December, my addiction to be in plane strikes me.

It's like, hell yea  I'm on drug , ( a good drug) where I need to feel again,the feeling of being in the flight, to be at new place, stamp the passport and here we go.

After spending a lot for my year end trip, my traveling fund will never survive for an adventure that more than 2 days. The only thing that I need to do is, where to go with RM500.

So I called my partner in crime, Fida asking her would her mind to spend a day with me in Singapore.(ayat tak boles blah,kau bayar ticket je aku belanja lunch).

Kemain mak limah sorang ni, ingat macam belanja mamak depan rumah dia kat Senawang je kan. Knowing me which is half crazy half insane, she said ok.

Well we bought the ticket for around RM169 for a day trip to SINGAPORE.

Then on February, here we go, Singapore here I come.

Once touched down at the airport we had our breakfast and then just go to the MRT Station and off to the city centre itself. 

Nahhh..we went to Arab Street area to eat again. I want to go to Fluffy Bakery one of the famous HALAL BAKERY in Singapore which sell nice cupcakes, but unlucky me it's closed on Tuesday. Haih! So we just had the famous putu piring and murtabak singapore.

Then we went to another shop kopitiam cafe alike for desserts after we prayed at the Mosque at the Arab Street and go for textile hunting.Kemain kau beli main kan nok!

We continued our journey to see the Merlion before we headed home.
It's a day where I spend just for eating and I think, if anyone said that I'm that crazy well, I'm insane too.

Makan ,makan ,makan.
Food ,food, food.

Owh, Singapore?This is my 7th time I think to be precise, so even the MRT Map still on my mind.LOL

Till my next trip.

Things to ponder
*Public transport in Singapore is really efficient not to worry about getting everywhere there
*A day is enough if you just want to EAT.
*Halal Food is available at many places now and google it up peeps
*My day trip cost me more or less just RM500.

Krabi 2014

Krabi, Krabi, Krabi.

When it's school holiday my friend Adelina who declares that she won't travel with anyone except me, bugging me to bring her somewhere.

I've been to Singapore on Feb, Brunei on March, Dubai & Oman on April and Perth on May, another trip on June? ( kau ingat aku cap duit?!!!)

Looking at my traveling fund, it's ridiculous for me to travel in very short time.Nahh..this is the time I need to loan from my emergency account.

Kau Adelina memang, gi la jalan ngan kawan gym kau ke, kawan sekolah ke, dengan aku jugak kau nak kan?

Grrrr...takpela aku ambik sebagai compliment jalan ngan I sangat best.Hahahaha...Paghee next year?Kehkehkeh...

My feeling was 50% on that trip.
I don't like Thailand that much.
I don't like beaches activities, I hate of being wet.

But for the sake of friend, I do it and go for it.

Well, Krabi is not that bad.

We arrived quite early that morning, than took a bus to the Krabi Town. Once your stamp your passport, just go down to pick your bag and go to the counter to buy the bus ticket to Krabi. Then tell the bus driver where is your hotel is. He will drop you by in front of the hotel itself.

Check in Aonang Princeville Resort & Spa ( it's halal hotel so if you want to lazying around and can just call the room service for food)

The check in is really smooth, we paid the breakfast at the hotel as we arrived early that morning, and then went for the Spa.

At night we just strolling over the beaches area and the next day going for island hopping.

I love the island hopping and enjoying it much but it's raining.
(mula-mula paneh pastu hujan, pastu aku rasa aku debab sangat pakai tight dah sekarang, I need  to go for gym!!!)

Back to the hotel and lazying around again.
The next day check out and fly back to Malaysia.

Things to ponder.
* Don't worry about HALAL food there are plenty of Muslim Restaurants in Krabi itself just google it up
*The street food - Pancake is a MUST
*Island Hopping is a MUST, just stroll over the town and try to compare and contrast the price between the travel agencies
*Enjoy the cheap spa & massage there but try to find which is not mix with the public or they have separate room not just curtains, if you considered about covering your aurah, kalau nak belasah je and murah no hal meh.Kau urut,dalam langsir sebelah kau jantan.Nak ke?
*Enjoy the people as the place itself
*My trip to Krabi also less than RM1k.( I spend around RM800 for every single thing there)
*Shopping? Some local stuffs and souvenirs is available everywhere in the town (bargain, bargain & bargain)
*So, say who you can't travel abroad, just do some research through online, then go and be adventurous.

Brunei 2014

My trip to Brunei happened twice this year.One for my class and the other one is classes and strolling over Bandar Seri Begawan with mom.

This is my 1st ever trip with my baker's friend Rani, Alice & Zac.

Brunei for me is very calm country. Nothing much to see, but as I'm collecting stamps on my passport of countries that I've been to, so Brunei here I come.

The famous attraction will be Kg.Ayer.You need to chater a boat for cruising over the place.

The view was really breathtaking.Well, just enjoying it so much.

I stayed at Brunei Hotel which is in the city centre itself. It just next to the Pasar Tamu Kiageh the daily market for the locals to sell the local food and stuffs. I've booked through Agoda.Com and the price at that time is around RM300++ per nite. Yeah after converting RM to BND ok!

So the 1st time I only have one day so need to cover everything before I'm off to Malaysia. 
( Seriously, I don't ever think I'm coming back to Brunei again.)

As I'm coming to conduct baking class there, ( thank you to Instagram ) so I've day out and at night I've my class.

Curlast kau mak limah buat kelas baking kat over the sea! Hiks...

So I went to stroll over the famous Kg.Ayer, then tried the Ambuyat. Arghhhh... I miss the feeling of eating Ambuyat. It's starchy and to enjoy it by eating it with some other dishes.(macam makan  nasik dengan lauk)

I love the feeling of having it in my mouth like you are eating glue alike thing.Hahahah..Gross!

Till then.

Things to ponder.

My budget to Brunei is less than RM1k.

RM300++ for the flight ticket
RM150++ for hotel as am sharing with my friend
RM50 for transportation there
RM100 just for the souvenirs

Arghh satu hari je cukup nak pergi Bandar Seri Begawan tu.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Perth 2014 - Part 5

The best part!

You wanna why? We went to Pinnacles Desert limestones formation in Nambung National Park and  Sand Surfing in Lancelin and having lunch at the beach with the view of Indian Ocean.(ha apa nama laut tu tak ingat)

Today we spend a day again with Farah our tour guide and this is the best day ever.As all of us really close to each other in the group (almaklum semua telan air tangan I yang mask hari-hari) off to the desert.

It took us 2 hours away to be in Pinnacles.Masha Allah the view is breathtaking. ( as usual I want to cry because I don't know how to thank Allah , as I do think Alhamdulillah is never enough for all the ni3mah that I've got from Him)If this is on earth, how HEAVEN gonna look like? ( ok rasa nak nangis lagi while typing this).

Try the sand surfing, you will feel young again!!!!Even my mom, age 61 tried it.LOL

This is the must go place if you happen had a chance to be in Western Australia.Go now , save some money, after your Tabung Haji account is FULL and while waiting for your turn for Hajj, try to save some money to go to the nearest Negara Omputeh and affordable instead of going to the Europe.Hiks!

The next day, we just strolling over the city before off to Malaysia.


Thank You Jutawan Tours for the wonderful and affordable ground arrangement, the best service ever.

Thank You to the marvelous travel partners----> Cik Masni, Cik Ani, Te ah, & Lela, plus my momma too because this is damn wonderful and enjoyable trip ever. Lebih kurang kakak mintak halal, tahun depan KOREA ok!! Lela, tunggu kami ..ehhmmm...


So pending stories after I'm back
Singapore - Day Trip - Gastronomy Adventure
Brunei- 2 Days trip of baking class
Krabi- A short getaway-not in my list but it's ok to have an island hopping experience
Dubai & Oman Trip- A trip after the lost of MH370 where I get every cheap price for airplane ticket.Membawa hati yang lara katanya.
Plus the latest trip to Turkey and Greece.

Perth 2014 - Part 4

For those just bumped into the blog,  especially bakers who lately requested to be my friend in FB, I'm a traveller years before I'm a baker ok.

So don't ever think off that I'm showing off my trip. For your information I'm fabulous globe trotting home baker who love to bake and travel at that same time to satisfy my gastronomic addiction. Seriously I'm a foodie lover ok!

So after we spend our money at E-Shed market, had our nice Fish & Chips is now the time for us to go to Mandurah. Before that we stop at Ar Rukun Mosque to perform our solah.

Then we arrived Mandurah and went for boat cruise and chasing for the dolphins!

It's located 72km from Perth and famous for the beaches and the wildlife such as dolphins and pelicans.

It was a nice experience for all of us after one day tiring journey to view sunset in Mandurah plus we managed to see the dolphins too.Everybody was screaming of happiness after seeing the dolphins.Plus the captain of the boat is really happy and informative guy, and give us (I mean some of us) to sail the boat.

After the dolphins, seeing the rich people houses and then we're back to Perth and stop at a place to see the whole Perth from the other side of the city.

Things to ponder
* Choose the best travel partner and you will have a wonderful trip
* Explain to your travel partner the concept of lebih kurang halal, kalau tak suruh dia in charge dari A-Z about the trip. Kau ingat tak penat?  Nak booking itu ini, handling itu ini, kalau orang tu jenis tanya every single transaction pergi mana, kenapa kau suruh dia buat sendiri trip tu.
Luckily I have a wonderful & super awesome group, where we just spend for RM3.5k inclusive the flight ticket, ground arrangement, plus makan-makan which is not included in the trip.
* I'm happy because we covered the every parts of Perth and we went to the desert too!!!!

Perth 2014 - Part 3

I'm over excited today.

Why?As we're going to Fremantle.Remember for those watching the drama series of Adam & Hawa where Ain had her Fish & Chips? Yeahh.. I want to go there.

As there are other groups from Malaysia too, Jutawan Tour decided to just pool all of us in a big fat bus.

Ok this is when the tense begin. When you have some other groups of people which is thinking that aku dah sampai  Australia kau hado?

( Dik Non, who cares I've been many places too and this is not the 1st time I'm in OZ plus aku hado banyak lagi okehhhh)

One sissy man were very rude to my mom and her friends and made me really pissed off.

Being me, I directly reported how we don't satisfied for the service as we're in private tour group, why we need to be in big fat bus and mingle with others. The owner and every one in the tour apologized to our group and that sissy man need to say sorry to my mom because of his rudeness.

Kita ni Melayu Islam, pergi bumi mana pun sayang, agama dan budi bahasa tetap dijunjung. Adab kena jaga, nak ahkak sekolahkan ker?

But despite all of that, I'm wearing my boots today. Now my level of confidence is really high on that day to pose in camera as I think that's me when enjoying Autumn in down under. LOL

We off from our Apartment in St Hay and our 1st stop is University of Western Australia. After several shots, we went to the Fremantle itself. Before that we went to one of the beaches there for photo shoot.

Then we off to Fremantle.Can't wait!!!

Over excited, we went for souvenir's hunting at E-Shed Market in Fremantle. It's just like Paddy Market in Sydney and they were crazy buying OZ's souvenir. Left me yawning almost of time, as most of the stuff I bought in Sydney all are the same.

Then we went to the harbour for our FISH & CHIPS!!!!!

I like the very much , now chicken dance.Hahaha..Subhanallah, the view is awesome. I just thank to Allah for that opportunity in life for me to be able to travel many parts of the world. Nikmat Tuhan mana kamu nak dustakan?

Everything was awesome in that day. Will continue in Part 4, for the next stop in Ar Rukun Mosque before we off to Mandurah (the pronunciation is Mandrah) for dolphins!!!!

Now I remember I didn't write about my short getaway to Dubai & Oman on March 2014.LOL..ok once I'm back from Turkey ya!!!I think the Mussandam Doplhin is much cuter than the one in OZ.
I missed to se dolphin in Yemen as I didn't go to Socotra Island. Insha Allah one day..I believe in one day!!!

Perth 2014 - Part 2

Perth /ˈpɜrθ/ is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia (WA). It is the fourth most populous city in Australia, with an estimated population of 1.97 million (on 30 June 2013) living in Greater Perth.[1] 

Part of the South West Land Divisionof Western Australia, the majority of the metropolitan area of Perth is located on the Swan Coastal Plain, a narrow strip between theIndian Ocean and the Darling Scarp, a low coastal escarpment. 

The first areas settled were on the Swan River, with the city's central business district and port (Fremantle) both located on its shores. Perth is formally divided into a number of local government areas, which themselves consist of a large number of suburbs, extending from Two Rocks in the north to Rockingham in the south, and east inland to The Lakes.

Eh, you can google it up.(Semua nak bagi haih)

The second day (tapping my keyboard because I'm crashing my head out to remember everything on that day).Ok, this is basically our itinerary for the Day 2.

Perth City, Harbour Town & Kings Park Tour (TG: Farrah)

9.00 am - After breakfast, take Red CAT and proceed to Perth Underground.
- Browse around Hay and Murray St Malls and the famous London Court.

11.00 am - Take Yellow CAT and proceed to Harbour Town Factory Outlets. - Shopping, lunch (own expense) and solat at Harbour Town.
2.45 pm - Proceed to Kings Park and enjoy Perth city view from top of the hills.
4.15 pm - Take a Double Decker Bus to Bell Tower and browse around Barrack St Jetty. 5.00 pm - Return to accommodation for dinner and rest.

- Night shopping until 9.00 pm (own arrangement).

I think all of you will love the itinerary made by Jutawan Tour because they included visit to Mosques in Perth and meet up with the local muslims.

Then at night we're back to our apartment and rest for the tomorrow's itinerary.

Pssst..I did shop today and buy my boots.Yeah..tomorrow will be in Fremantle with my boots.Hell yeahhh..I'm over excited!

Things to ponder :
*It's raining in May, so be prepared with an umbrella
*There is prayers room in Harbor Town Factory Outlet, just go to the information centre and it's located inside there ( ado tolokung kau, canggih ameklah kan)
*No HALAL restaurant in Harbor Town Factory Outlet so if you feel hungry there are few restaurants there so you can opt for non alcoholic base food, vegetarian food or just seafood.Us? We brought some sandwiches made that morning and Jutawan Tours do provide us food too.
*We tried the Green Line for the city bus that day, and the line is really reliable.For those coming and not hiring travel agency, you can just use the green and red line to stroll over the city as the service is FREE
*King's Park is a MUST place to go.Sangat Cantik ok!

Perth 2014 - Part 1

The Perth trip actually for my mom and her friends from 8th of May till 12th May 2014.

Me again to be the one who handled everything, (LOL again- this is me in all my trip) and at that time we managed to get Airasia Promo Return Tickets just for RM680 per pax.

They booked the tickets since Sept 2013 and mine just after I'm back from Dubai. It's gift from me to my mom for Mother's Day.

Well as I'm with mom, I hate to bring her around by public transport. So I googled up and bumped into a local Malaysian who has his travel business there.Check them out as the service is reliable and we enjoyed it so much!

Seriously they're super awesome with very affordable price.

You can view the price and pick which one you want.

We stayed in very cozy apartment near the city centre Perth. As we arrived we met Farah, who is the daughter's owner picked us at the airport and it's raining heavily.

I was so mad at my friend when she told me that the weather in May is not that cold.I didn't bring my jacket or my boots. It's freezing cold for me and I hate that feelings!!!

Our 1st stop after arrived Perth International Airport was one of the hills there for breakfast where we can view the whole Perth from there.But, it's raining and nothing can be viewed.(SEJUK)

So we went to Swan Valley to go to the fruit orchard. Damn, it was the first time for everyone to see apple trees and all of us are over excited jumping here and there taking photos. I just wondering, it's that their feelings of seeing Rambutan's Tree?Naaaah...Rambutan is not famous as Apple!

Then we went to the famous CAVERSHAM WILDLIFE CENTRE and I in love with the centre because of the Kangaroos.Seriously I'm not enjoying the Kangaroo in Sydney, so this time I become the queen of kangaroos.Feeding them, hugging and kissing them.Yeahhhh!!! Again I managed to have lotsa photos!! Yeahh that's matter to me the most.

After almost half of the day, strolling over the wildlife centre, we visited one of the chocolate factory there. Before check in our Apartment, we went to groceries store to buy some food for our dinner. As I'm going to be the official cook in this trip, so I need to buy some of the stuffs.

Yeah..the 1st day was awesome and we're tired after one whole nite of traveling from KL to Perth ( without taking our shower) we just go and enjoy the day. (BUSUK!).

Things to ponder
* there is prayer room in Perth International Airport - so no worries for us as Muslim to perform our prayers
*please check the visa before entering Australia.As my visa is still valid I save some money for it- but Jutawan Tours will handle everything
*Dato' Burn the owner really reliable and informative - not to worry much ya
* Please check the weather before you come and don't be like me