Tuesday, July 7, 2015

India 2015, Part 3

26th March 2015

The moment you hear lotsa noises out there, you know the new day has begin.

We had our breakfast at the apartment cooked by moi, a simple one before we are going to have the local cuisine. Can't wait to explore the city today. We're going to the Charminar area, to see the Charminar the old city itself, then we're going to the Chowhamalla Palace.

We took Auto, for us to be around. This is when your bargaining skills is needed. Tawar oii selagi boleh. Merasa kecut pert ahkak naik auto tu. From Banjara Hills area to Charminar, it cost us around 150 rupees per auto.

Once there, it look like Chow Kit Road. Everything is there. At that time it was really hot in Hyderabad, I wish I'm somewhere else. Masha Allah, I'm sweating just like a p*g.

We tried the local food, for breakfast, then we tried the famous ice cream - Bilal Ice Cream, then we went to try the famous Beriyani too. OMG it's heaven.I'm not a fan, but, it was really super duper delicious. Can't beat anywhere that I've tried earlier in the world. To my Dubai friend, mai Hyderabad baru hampa tau, hat kat Naif tu tak sedap wehhhh, mahai, baik lat Hyderabad kedai grand nak mampos tapi MURAH!!!!

All the photos were Toy's artwork. I just wanna share about the WTF experience once am going to enter Mecca Mosque. They said am not properly covered. But when it comes to their people, eh, even wearing half naked saree they can entered the mosque. I'm pissed off. Grrrr...

The food here, for me? I love the atom, I love the morning bread whatsoever they called it, tosei bla bla.Beriyani?Yumms. Bilal Ice Cream, yup for them too sweet, for me yummeh!Seriously, I love Gobi Manchuria so much.Ok pitam lapar!!

We spend one whole day out since morning, as we took so much time of loitering around. We did our prayers at Bilal's Ice Cream. The owner let us to pray at his office. Above all, the 2nd day here is just to adjust, to blend with the locals, and to just enjoy the colours of Hyderabad.

Psst... Funny story once there, when Rose decided to tease a group of students that Sarah is a Malaysian artist.Amik kau...beratur amik autograph.

Monday, July 6, 2015

India 2015, Part 2

Krik..krik..krik. Apa nak tulis ni?

25th March 2015

The day itself. As this is the 1st time am going to travel with totally strangers, our meeting point was at the KLIA 2 itself.
Yeap, I arrived early, hungry like a bear then waiting patiently for them to come.
Sheema & Sarah arrived earlier.
Waited for Along, Ros & Toy to be there too.
We had our dinner, then run over to the gate. ( aku heran macam semua tak pernah travel, gelabah mak limah je kat airport tu)

As am ready for my 5 hours flight,  damn my neighbour was so selfie addict, keep smooching his phone, after sending the selfie photo to his girl before the flight take off made me realise, am I that weird too once I took my selfie? (Duhhhh) How did I know? Busybody me using my eyes and ear to peek and hear every of his moves once he is besides me.LOL..Then he changed the seat, am all by myself for the row. Sleep like a baby to Hyderabad.

Once arrived at the airport, the immigration uniform-less except the white shirt asked me question such as, why are you here, what for, stare at me, I stared back ( mumbling in my heart, dey can't you see I have the Indian blood too, am coming home!) After, 3 minutes bla bla and bla he let me in. Stamped the passport and Hello Yindia!

Impressed. The airport look clean and modern.
Thirsty, need water.Then they told me, as Sarah, Sheema & Along had been to India earlier, they keep telling me, you need to be careful with the choice of the water.
Ah dah sudah, air pun susah nak minum kat sini?

Bought thru vending machine, waited for Sheema's driver as she asked the owner of our apartment to arrange for airport pick up and off we go to the city. The driver took quite some time to come and we're waiting like orang gila lapar nak mamp*s.(Ketibus jugak driver tu..memang sangap dalam van nak menyampai rumah tu!)

The road is quite ok, but the toll booth is really weird. It's like small hut with fan?!!

Alhamdulillah after 1 hour journey in the dark, like middle of no where, we arrived at our apartment which Sheema booked through AirBnB.It was superb and nice place to be in.Memang macam orang ada-ada ok.

It was too late, Toy went for rice hunting, we just went to sleep and once back from the rice hunting Toy & Sheema forcing themselves to wake up early for their flea market hunting. Me?Zzzzzzz......


Air Ticket : Air Asia - their price is cheaper- mine is RM350 ( last minute booking)
Accommodation : Booked through AirBnB - RM200 per head for 4 days

Till then.

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