Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sydney 2013 - Part 4

We are supposed to go to the Blue Mountains for the Three Sisters. It's a rock formation and bla bla bla please please google up what is it, cause I'm too lazy today. We didn't go here as at time it's a BUSH FIRE everywhere in NSW. ( kebakaran hutan ok)

So, we made trip to Port Macquarie some up north one of the beautiful coastal area in the New South Wales. I was dreaming to go to Canberra if we're not going for Blue Mountains, but the journey to Port Macquarie was awesome too.

It's located about 390km from Sydney. Unfortunately a 5 hours trip became 8 hours trip as everywhere need to face the de tour due to the bush fires.

Along the way to Port Macquarie we made the pit stop to one of the wild life centre for my Kangaroos. Hahahaha... I know, I need to hold the Kangaroos so my trip to down under is considered accomplished!

As today, we're on a road trip, most of the time I'm in the car, so the boots is not killing me. Hahaha..still about my boots huh? 

We stopped at Gosforth just for pictures. I love the windy and breezy air there. It was awesome, Masha Allah.

It was tiring journey, we arrived at our apartment a night as the 5 hours journey become more than 8 hours. Still it was awesome experience and I'm smiling cause the boots is not killing me anymore and I managed to touch and kiss a Kangaroo.Hell yaaaaaa!

Owh, I forgot to mention that we rented a MPV alike car to fit all of us plus the luggages & food for the trip. It's fun to have road trip with your group of friends rite?
( I was sleeping most of the time in the car---->hahahahah)

Sydney 2013 - Part 3

I jumped off the bed. The heater is not working and how am I'm gonna take my shower with this damn cold water? It's KILLING me.

It's ok anyway as we are going to the famous Taronga Zoo which situated in a small island to see my kangaroo.

Everyone in the trip knows that I keep asking when I will see the kangaroo.Mind you, I need to see the kangaroo as I'm in Australia now!!!!!! Kangaroo is a MUST.

Same route again, walk from home to the nearest train station and off we go to the same stop nearby the Opera House. Then we took a ferry from the wharf  to go to Taronga Zoo.

( while typing this, I have another windows to google how to go to Taronga Zoo as I seem forgetting everything)

Ok it's located 12 minutes away by ferry at Circular Quay.You can buy the ticket at the ferry counter too.

The zoo is huge.We managed to be there using the ferry and the cable car. It was awesome.The show was marvellous except it was raining heavily.Again, the boots is killing me as we don't have enough time to go and buy my new shoes. It's a fake smile people.Fake smile!

I'm not smiling at all during the trip.It's hurt. Anyway I met the kangaroos, but I want to hold them.They are not friendly. My mission was not accomplished as I don't have decent picture with any kangaroos yet.

Grrrrr......I need new boots!

Sydney 2013 - Part 2

It's freezing cold at nite.Damn! It was too cold at that time for me. For those been following my blog ever since 2006, you should know that I can't be in four season countries. I will get the rashes due to my allergy to the weather.

(Somehow I  missed my old blog where I ramblings most about my life and traveling)

As today is considered as the 2nd day in Sydney, we started our day by having breakfast at home. Come on, we're traveling with toddlers, so we need to feed them first before we're going out.

The main agenda today is just to be in Sydney City Centre. This is the time for the Sydney iconic building the Sydney Opera House. I need to have a selfie in front of the building as a proof am there. LOL

We went there using the train direct to city. This is the second time, after my London Trip  when I don't even bother to study the train map.

It's because my friend who is married to an Australian was joining the trip too.So, I just become the ugly duckling who follows the "mom and dad".

Knowing me, as I always traveling by myself, ( read : alone) , I'm tired of studying the city or places that I want to go. So sometimes, I just need to be stress free and just follow them.
( I will follow you..now the image of the Digi Yellow Man, keep bugging my head!)

The first stop is always Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House. After camwhore like crazy  here and there, we had lunch at the park.It's picnic time with the birds!!!Lotsa birds...( sorry no pictures as I'm too lazy to transfer)

Wait,I google the park name ya. Come on, am trying to write something that months ago.It's not a live update like I used to do in my previous blog.

Ok, the Royal Botanic Garden. Yeap, we went all over the park by tram. How I wish sometimes, I have more time to picnic in a park like that in Malaysia. My life in Malaysia is always about baking, baking & baking.Bluerghhhh....

Pssstt.. have you follow @nowwaheavenlydessert in Instagram yet, sugar?

After lunch at the park and get around in the park, we went to Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour is a harbour adjacent to the city centre of Sydney. It also a large recreational and pedestrian area that is situated on western outskirts of the Sydney central business district.

In Sydney City Centre, they have the shuttle bus which is free intercity. I can't remember what line we used that day cause I just follow my 'mom & dad'. Hahahah.. My friend will kill me if she reads this.

It's not the kids feel tired but me too.

Why? That pretty boots which am wearing was killing me. ( refer picture)

Anyway, the weather on that day was hot & sunny  plus I was nearly fainted due to the stupid boots. It's HURT!!!!

At that time the weather is either raining, hot but really cold and windy at night. Blame the global warming!

After hours of strolling over the city centre, we went back home. Then I went to the groceries store, to buy some food and come back & cook. I love cooking!

Till then..( I need to see Kangarooooooooooooooooos)

P/S For your information I was about crying when I saw Sydney Opera House that day. Why? Cause the sentimental me, always wanted to be here!!! It's like a dream comes true..lalalalalala.

Even though it was hazy day, plus my camera is not working cause I left my adaptor back home in Malaysia and the nite before I'm too tired, I don't have enough time to recharge the phone, all my photos are in the bulky DSLR and I'm too lazy (till now) to transfer everything to my Mac but I'm more than satisfied more than having big O   because I was HERE!!! :)

Reading this now I know have valid reason why I need GoPro camera for my next trip!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sydney 2013 - Part 1

My Sydney trip happened somewhere in October, 2013.

This is my 1st time ever to go to down under.I want to be there for the Kangaroo.Seriously, the Kangaroo.

The trip was planned like 4 months earlier.Imagine while preparing for Dubai. I need to prepare for Sydney too.

I'm opted to fly with AirAsia without being aware it's gonna be 8 hours flight. That time I got the ticket for just RM800++. Then before entering Australia, as tourist from Malaysia we need to apply for their online visa.So, the visa cost me around RM80 cause I ask for my friend to do it for me.

As I'm going there with couple of friends, we decided to rent a home stay somewhere out of the city centre. Luckily the place is nearby the train station. In order to go to the city, we need to walk to the train station.

The weather at that time spring entering summer. As it was sunny & raining during the daylight and it was cold at night.

After some preparation, I flew to Sydney in 8 hours of super cramps and boring flight. 

Arrived at 8 pm local time, I am so damn hungry and tired. We took taxi and from the airport to the home stay which is located at 8 Sunset Place, Earlwood, NSW 2206, Australia.

Dinner and sleep.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dubai 2013 -Just Me-Last Day

As I'm arriving Dubai at almost midnite, once home, straightly I'm off to bed. Teeet..It's a lie. Actually I'm craving for Malaysian food. So, once arrived I cooked Maggi Curry to give my tongue something that feel that I'm Malaysian. Owh, it's heaven!

The next morning, we just stay at home and went for brunch at Dubai Festival City. After done with our yummylicious brunch at one of the Thai Restaurant there, ( still I missed my asian tastebud), we went to Miracle Garden Dubai.

Wallah, the garden full of thousands of flowers and it's worth to go. You can just google up about the garden here  . It was a wonderful experience for us and we definitely love it. As this is the first time for my friend's family too even they have been staying in Dubai for more than 5 years.

The next day, I flew back to Malaysia. It was a nice experience of 25 days adventure in 2 countries. I will come back!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sanaa 2013

I'll wrapped up my trip in Sanaa just in one post.

This is just a trip of me going back home to visit my Yemeni family there.

I'm missing them so much. So, I've decided to make a short de tour from my Dubai Trip to be in Sanaa for couple of days.

I've checked Emirates and other airlines. Everything is super expensive till I come across with Fly Dubai.A return ticket just cost me RM700.

So the next day after all of my travel partners were back to Malaysia, now it's my time to fly solo, back to Sanaa. Everything went smoothly till one of the family member came and picked me up at the airport.

Anyway, my family, ya if you are wondering they are purely Yemeni, are staying in their big fat house in Haddah.

It was freezing cold at that time I arrived. At night it dropped till 7 celsius. Brrrrrr....The airport? Bluergghh...Sometimes I think our bus terminal is way better than Sanaa International Airport. The toilet?It's really unacceptable for a international standard. 

Most of the 7 days that I've spend there just to be with the family, be with mama, eating & cooking with her and the rest of the sisters.

I went to the new malls there and had a great day out at Pappa Roti and meet up couple of new friends. Owh how I missed that moment! *wink*
A friend who changed my life a lot!

After 7 days of getting fat, resting, then I'm back again to Dubai, before my flight back home to Malaysia.

Sanaa you gonna be missed. I'll come again for you and Socotra.Yes you!!

I managed to go to Old Sanaa again and the President Mosque. This time, most of the time I'm wearing niqab as baba asked me to do so.

Why Sanaa?

Sanaa, for some people it's nothing.
But for me Sanaa, you have a very special place in my heart.I'll be with you once again as I promised!Plus the particularly you,yes you and you know who you are!

Sanaa is the capital city of Yemen. When you google Yemen, nothing much you can read from the news except the conflicts, politically unstable, poor country, but you need to be there and feel the country. Feel and get to know the people, you gonna love them just like me. Till my next visit, insha Allah! M missing you...:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dubai 2013 - Just Me

Just me for the rest of the trip.

So that day, we decided to do some baking things. I've conducted a baking class in Dubai for my friend and at night we went for a nite out in SHARJAH.

Dubai was entering winter time. The nite definitely be very cold and breezy. It was nice to be outside. I enjoyed to be in SHARJAH at that time and can wait to be in Sanaa back.As I'm missing Sanaa so much.

It's been 12 days ever since I left home. Part of me is missing home.Still, I'm eager to be back in Sanaa.

Dubai 2013 - Last Day

It's gonna be last day for them, as they're flying back tonite.

Dubai in conclusion?

There are lot of activities that you can enjoy Dubai, if you want to.

One of the famous thing is the desert safari, a must try activities once you're here.

You can enjoy the Wild Wadi Water Park at Jumeirah, Ski Dubai at Mall of Emirates, and 100 of activities once you're there too. Is it expensive?

Dubai, definitely an expensive city. But you need to travel smart. Focus on what you want and find the affordable accommodation. Try Agoda.com and  u still can find a room which is just RM100++ per nite.

Food? It food heaven there. You still can  find AED5 of Shawarma plus the expensive food there. Depending on your budget and please don't be fussy.

We spent around RM4k++ for everything inclusive the flight ticket.The budget brought us to the whole UAE. Mind you people even we're not paying for the accommodation, still we pay for token of appreciation of living in my friend's house for 11 days.

Errr ....the budget is not include the shopping damage ya!

You can always enjoy Dubai like us,by planning earlier and focus on what you want. Malaysia Boleh!

Hop in hop out bus tour will be the best thing to cover the whole Dubai with minimal budget. 5 days is enough if you want to be in Dubai.

So? Why don't go to Dubai this coming holiday?*wink*

As the city full of expatriates, so definitely you can distinguish the locals. It is because the government encourage the locals to wear their abaya and the white kandura. It's nice experience and I had enough of Dubai this time.

But, I never get enough with the cafes there. Definitely it's a restaurant and cafes heaven, plus it has lot of international restaurants chain which is HALAL. Damn, Dubai, I love your food not your weather.

Musolla or the prayers room are available everywhere and  the toilet are super clean. Like it or not, I always fall in love with Dubai.Always. 

Thank You , Idah of having us, may Allah bless you and your beautiful family with mawaddah wa rahmah.

Dubai 2013 - Part 10

It's been 10 days here.

Today will be the last day for them before flying back to Malaysia and I'm going to continue my journey to Sanaa, Yemen.

We decided to go to Mall of Emirates for Ski Dubai and then want to try the Metro Dubai.

As my mom in recovering phase, so from my friend's house we just used the taxi straight to Mall of Emirates.

Not many locals used the Metro. Either the expats, the general workers or the tourist as the major user.

Then we had very nice dessert time at Cheesecake Factory with the view of Ski Dubai. I love the Macadamia Cheesecake.It's heaven.

Nothing much as we just enjoy the Dubai Metro, in and out just to get the experience.Then we went to Dubai Mall and had dinner for the last time with my friend's family.

Dubai 2013 - Part 9

I will never forget this day.

My mom went sick. My friend's baby, admitted to hospital at the same day too.

So, what happened today? I went out to meet my Emirati friend for the first time and left my mom & cousin at home.

It was awesome, cause all this while we just get to know each other thru Instagram.She's sweet and really cute. We talked for hours before I went back home to pick my friend's son from the bus stop.

Then, we just be at home and stranded for the rest of the day.

Dubai 2013 - Part 8

It's shopping day. We went to Naif Souq, for textile heaven. Nothing much except they went crazy for abayas, clothes and some souvenirs to bring back home.

We spent one whole day here. Damaged done!:)

Shop till drop. At nite we went out to Hard Rock Cafe & IKEA at Dubai Festival City. Nothing much today, but it was nice experience to see Dubai from another side of the city.

Dubai 2013 - Part 7

Remember as I told you earlier we are supposed to go to Oman with my friend's family?

What happened once we booked the hotel & rented a car, her husband visa was expired and he is going to be our driver. It was frustrated for me, because I always wanted to go to Oman.

So we need to shift the plan. We opted to go for picnic in another emirates, FUJAYRAH.

Abu Dhabi, checked. Dubai, checked. Ajman & Sharjah, Checked.We passed thru Ra's Al-haymah, checked. Then we arrived Fujayrah. Out of 7 Emirates, we covered 6 of it. So I shouldn't name this trip as Dubai 2013, but as UAE 2013, right?

The journey to Fujayrah, was awesome. The view, was magnificent. Subhanallah. The mountains, the desert, really awesome. We arrived at the beach and had our picnic for couple of hours before headed back to Dubai.

Nice experience, nice company. The beach? I think Malaysia is the best. Seriously, I always love to be at a beach, but definitely not this one.*wink*