Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gimme a break!

OMG my India post is still pending.
I've my Dubai trip on April pending too.
Then Germany & Austria on May & June
Then I add more new trip which is pending too, about my trip to Cambodia last week.
I remember one thing, I didn't share about my trip to Mussandam Oman back on 2014 right?

Is this sign of aging?
LOL..It's just my life commitment lately made me super damn busy with lotsa things.
It's how to survive in this so called world dude!

Living is hard but I won't complaint so much.It's life anyway.Compared to those who is unfortunate, living in war torn country, for those who left nothing in life, mine is super awesome anyway!

What I need in life nowadays is to enjoy what am doing, make a lot of money and then contribute back by helping others as much I can. What left for me? I just need to be smart in managing my own plus there is always saving for rainy days, and my travel addiction is fulfil.
I stopped buying shoes vigorously like before and still eyeing on that Yellow Prada! What?Chanel? Well I need to bring cash more than the handbag price. Why need a bag cost me around 6k but I just have RM200 in my wallet.Hahahahah...(tau insaf kau kan?!!)

Counting number of countries?

United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey

HK, Macau, China


Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam

Qatar, Oman, UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia


Ok bye, now checking on ticket! LOL - Autumn in Korea maybe?