Sunday, February 15, 2015

Turkey 2014- Part 8


It's been a while for me being offline cause I had a week course in KL.

It was tiring 5 days of course but wonderful experience. Now less than 5 days am preparing for my 2015 opening trip.

Life been really hectic for me lately, hence as people always said, life must goes on!

Let's us continue for other part for my Turkey trip. Done for morning session, now is the time for us to explore Pamukkale.

In Pamukkale, you will see the Cotton Cliffs, one of the natural wonders of the world formed by deposits of calcareous salts. Also visit the ancient ruins of the City of Hierapolis with its basilica , theatre and Roman Baths. At the end of the day, we will drive to your hotel in Kusadasi for dinner and overnight stay in Kusadasi. (Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

That's what been promised by the Tour Agency. So after we're done with our Hot Air Ballon, it's the time for us to explore Pamukkale.

The 1st stop for us is City of Hierapolis, which is just next to the famous Cotton Cliffs.

As they brought us up here, they asked us to have our own sweet time for couple of hours here. Then we went for lunch and packed our bag and off we go to Ephasus. Again, we slept in the bus all the way from Pamukkale to Ephasus.

I had the chance for paragliding here too.

The unforgettable experience will be the paragliding.

Things to ponder : I love Pamukkale more that Cappadocia. Masa ni momentum berjalan day kureng, sebab, tiba-tiba masa ni rasa nak balik sangat-sangat. OK boleh? Tiba-tiba je mood ke laut.Padahal ada lagi trip nak ke Greece lepas Turki ni kan.
OK nak mandi jap, then akan sambung lagi sampai habis. Hari ni jugak nak habis kan.Pastu biarkan semua tunggu Q je nak publish.Hahahaha...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Turkey 2014 - Part 7

What is a MUST in Cappadocia?

Hot Air Ballon.

But a big but here, we can't went for it because of the weather.
Yup, my group was really frustrated.

Me? Well I don't mind that much, cause my heart said this, it's always next time.
Maybe in NZ, maybe in Dubai or maybe in any part of the world.

(tak mati haih tak dapat naik, kalau mati sebelum naik takpa haih, nanti kat syurga tok belon udara boleh naik..kehkehkeh..)

Our tour day day :

KIZILCUKUR: is an isolated valley behind Urgup. It has beautiful rock formation with some great hidden rock-carved churches. The most interesting part of this area is the countless tracks connecting the small villages and towns through vineyards and gardens like a spider net. It is always possible to see villagers working in the area and offering grapes, apples or apricots to you. 

Cavusin: One of the oldest settlements in the area, Cavusin is situated 2km from Goreme, on the Göreme-Avanos road. The Church of St.John the Baptist offers a panoramic view of the village. This church and its paintigs date back to the 5th century, making the oldest church in the region. It had a large courtyard which is unusual for Cappadocia, this has been eroded away however. 

HOSPITAL MONASTRY: One of the oldest monastries in Cappadocia. 

Kaymakli : Kaymakli and Derinkuyu underground cities are the two largest and deepest of the 40 others in Cappadocia. They both have eight floors, although not all are open to the public. 

PIGEON HOUSE: Visit the pigeon houses and rock formations.

After tour overnight bus to Pamukkale with non smoking, fully air-conditioned bus at 20:00 (duration 11 hours).There are three breaks on the way for your personal needs. (Included meals: Breakfast & Lunch) 

So we went to continue our tour that day and then off we go to Pamukkale that evening.

Upon arrival in Pamukkale, the hotel manager asked us this question.

Wanna try our hot air ballon?
It's much cheaper than Cappadocia.

It's our luck. In Malay - pucuk dicita ulam mandatang , rezeki Allah nak kasik, layan jeala kan?

One thing in Pamukkale is the Cotton Castle is a MUST.
Subhanallah, cantik sangat tau.
Sila pergi honeymoon Turkey!

Dapat sijil kau, naik belon.Pheewwitt.How much? 110 Euro. Aku baru check kat Dubai tadi 995AED gila lagi mahal. OK bulan 4 aku nak gi Dubai lagi ( facepalm) kalau aku kaya aku naik. Duduk pun free accommodation lagi nak naik belon memahal.Choi! Baik beli LV..kehkehkeh

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Turkey 2014 - Part 6

Need to finish this travel log before I'm going to have the new adventure.

As we have browsing through Istanbul, now it is the time for us for our bus trip to Cappadocia.

What come across on your mind when I mentioned about Cappadocia?'s the place for the famous hot air ballon in Turkey.
It's a MUST. Meaning if you go to Turkey, try to spend some money for the once in a lifetime experience.

All of our trip in Cappadocia-Pamukkale-Ephasus was arranged by Yuki Tours which I booked it through online since I'm in Malaysia.

So the representative of the company arrange our trip from Istanbul to the bus station and  off we go to Cappadocia by 8 hours nite bus.
(sakit badan kau, tidur dalam bas)

The bus was nice, the seats are comfortable with wifi and on bus entertainment too. They offered you coffee and light snack. They do stopped at rest area for toilet but you need to be ready with 1 lira. 

Arrived early in the morning in Cappadocia with this view.

Nice right? We stayed at Dedeli Konak Cave Hotel. What I can say, the hotel is exactly what they shown in the website.

Honeymooners, please go here. I love the hotel so much.Seriously.Please go.Please.Please. OMG I can't help saying to myself I need to come again here with someone that I love so much.LOL, pathetic me right?

Then while getting our room to be ready, we were served with nice buffet breakfast at the hotel terrace. This is my view during my stay there.

After freshen up, now is the time for us to go for our visit to the Red Valley . We left our bags at the hotel and off we go with group of tourist that day.

We managed to get to know some group from all over the globe who join the tour too. It was very nice experience and our tour guide that day, even she's not that friendly but overall is ok. Except the fact she kept saying my group is slow. ( nak yo den lompang Unvshar tu)

It's not because that we're slow but we're busy taking photo at each and every spot in the 5km of walking that day. ( Gila, that's why I'm losing my weight after 5km of walking in the bushes that day around the valley)

We went to the Underground City, and that time when ,my handphone out of battery. So no pictures there and at nite we went to Turkish Dance Show.

Never ending of belly dance show too in Cappadocia. We spend well the day and came back to the room and tired. I slept like a baby that nite and enjoying the cave hotel so much.

Things to ponder:

Ibraheem the owner of the hotel really helpful and very nice person. We enjoyed the hospitality by them.

To be continued

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Turkey 2014 - Part 5


Flipping my notebook, browsing my Instagram just to recall everything back.
How are you peeps?

Looking good this year?

As we like it or not, we passed thru the 1st month of the year.How time flies uh? getting older & wiser.LOL

February will be the hectic month for me, seriously, I love being busy. Busy means more money are coming in. Busy means, I'm  fully utilise my given 24-7 wisely instead of hanging around here and there, online or in real life. Being a homebaker like me, somehow I have my leisure time too. Sometimes too much. *wink*

Before I start my journey this year, I need to write everything up, before this old aunt memories gone away. Like it or not, Alhamdulillah am still good with my photographic memory, but am so lazy to write like I used to.

So, where did we stop last time?

Yeah, the 1st day of in Istanbul, didn't stop just like that.
At nite, we went for Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with shows on board.

We had a nice food, nice view and the same time nice experience of having belly dance too. Kemain golek kan!

The next morning, we went to the Blue Mosque. Get inside it, enjoying every single time inside it and do some prayers. Then again we went for Bosphorus Cruise again!!!

Masha Allah the view was really nice, the weather and I wish, yes I wish, I'm with someone that I love. *wink*

This one what should I say, it's full of romantic moments on the cruise.
Done with the cruise, which took us around 3 hours, we went for a visit to Spice Bazaar to do some what else? Shopping. I bought my new trench coat, of the touch of the Turkish style which I love so much.

Done with Spice Bazaar, we went to Grand Bazaar for browsing and eating and getting ready for a journey by bus to Cappadocia.

While writing this, I want to go back to Istanbul. Nak pergi Istanbul je, Istanbul je.Please...

I remember someone told me if we only have one country in this world called the Earth, Istanbul will be the capital city.

True indeed. Seriously be there and experience it by yourself. Memang best golek-golek and guling-guling. It was really romantic city for me.

P/S Ross Dowsen I still envy with your Istanbul journey especially the old market and Cafe Kelmayin Yeri. Gila jealous nak mati golek-golek nak pi Istanbul lagi ni.

Above all, my favourite photo of the day? My photo with Aya Sofea.Mestilah, rasa macam comel je pakai baju bulu-bulu.