Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Germany-Austria 2015 , Part 1

Once am in Dubai, one of my regular customer called me.

She said you wanna follow my school trip to Germany?
It was 4am in Dubai time, I was half awake while am saying YES.
What on my mind that time? School field trip, it's must be cheap.
New country, new stamp on the passport. What else I want? With closed eyes, I replied her whatsapp YES.

The next morning, I thought I was dreaming about it. But when I checked my conversation with her, what the effff? It's real!!
I checked on her date. OMG it's school holiday.
Where it's the most busiest period in a year. Busy, means money.
Germany or Money?
As avid traveler where insane is my middle name, I said who cares. Ado joki ado!

Then I asked, how much I need to pay? RM5k. What? Inclusive everything?
Yeap...OK am jumping up and down.
How many students?
15 of them and 6 are teachers including you.
Wow! Big group.
OK! Excited mode is ON.

Will we when to the big FAT CASTLE? She said YES.
Then I'm happy me and can't wait to be back at that time to start planning my day ahead. As am going  on a Spring- Summer trip. This is my 1st Summer experience.Yeay!

Anyway, alhamdulillah. Another journey to another country where I met new people and they are fuck*ng awesome!

Till then. Lemme checked on the photos, read again my notes & routes and pray that I've the time to write this journey of mine to be shared with all of you.

Dubai- Yearly Getaway

It's Dubai. It's more than 3 times I've been here.
This time?On April 2015.

It's hot, but still it's always one of my favourite place in the world.
I went there just to have my super day out from my hectic life here. Arghh gila baik simpan duit dari berjalan.Yea baik aku berjalan dari simpan duit  sekali mati tak dapat berjalan. Heheh.. aku kalau anak 5 tak berjalan kot. Priority untuk anak-anak.Ni aku sorang, aku mati sapa dapat duit aku?Heheheh..

I went there for a week. Just to meet all my friends there, makan-makan and yeah enjoying the cafes there.
Ada kawan duduk Dubai, bolehlah tumpang. Ehh ..rezeki aku lah.Kau takde dendiam nyah.Tak payah nak dengki sangat dengan rezeki orang. Rezeki kau rumah besar, anak ciak miak tu lagi best dari rezeki merayap aku ni , FAHAM.

No photos. It's Dubai.It's just a getaway. But this time I went to flea market, I went to many Malaysian who resides there, indulging myself with many types of desserts, OMG it's super heaven, and definitely will come again. Percaya tak, I still reserve to go on top to Burj Khalifa with someone special. Krikk..krikk..

Believe me, there is nothing much in Dubai, but as I always love the cafes and eateries selection there and it's HALAL, made me like I want to be in Dubai like many times in a year.
It's my choice and please don't judge. For some people saying you're not a traveler then, you are a tourist. Me? I'm who I am. Ada duit jalan, takde dok dendiam kan. Ehmm, still cafe hunting in all over Malaysia is my forte nowadays. Yeap foodie traveler, a traveller who bakes. It's moi!

India 2015, Part 5

Come on.

I'm forcing myself to write more and more in the blog.
Day 4 in Hyderabad. Yeap, we decided to go to heritage site today. Qutb Shahi and Golconda Fort.
Tell me peeps, it's like a dream comes true. I might not an antique collector, but am absolutely into heritage site. I just love to be and enjoy old buildings.

We went to Tomb Qutub Shahi 1st before we went to Golconda Fort.
Being us, we're crazily having photoshoot session with Toy instead of enjoying the historical buildings. It's huge. Super huge. Me, Sheema & Rose finished the tour till the end of the place. While Sara & Along having their own sweet time picnic under the big fat tree for Sara to do her sketching.

The tombs of the seven Qutub Shahi rulers in the Ibrahim Bagh (garden precinct) are located close to the famous Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad, India. The galleries of the smaller tombs are of a single storey while the larger ones are two storied. In the centre of each tomb is a sarcophagus which overlies the actual burial vault in a crypt below. The domes were originally overlaid with blue and green tiles, of which only a few pieces now remain.

We spend half of a day being there. Fees for Tomb is like 10 rupees per person. Then we get 2 autos for us to go to the next destination Golconda Fort.

Golconda Fort is a MUST VISIT place once in Hyderabad especially for the light and sounds show.
The place is super huge and to tell you the truth I've no mood to climb the stairs and be up on top of the hills. Panas ok panas. Kau bajet Europe nak suruh aku panjat castle lama? Kalau sejuk baq ang lama dah aku panjat. So I just lazying around waiting for Sara & Sheema went up on top of the hills. Me, Rose & Along just enjoying our time looking around.

Enterance fees 100 rupees.

Golconda, also known as Golkonda or Golla konda ("shepherd's hill"), a fort of Southern India and capital of the medieval sultanate of the Qutb Shahi dynasty (c.1518–1687), is situated 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) west of Hyderabad. It is also a tehsil of Hyderabad district, Telangana, India. The region is known for the mines that have produced some of the world's most famous gems, including the Koh-i-Noor, the Hope Diamond and the Nassak Diamond.

It's a huge place and definitely worth to visit. The light and show? Alahai kau ibarat derma darah kat nyamuk je bhai. They used Amitabh Batchan voice as the background and its not worth waiting as its too loud and too many mosquitos. Sumpah haram aku tak tak tau apa dia cerita masa dia dok bebel-bebel tu.

Last day in Hyderabad we went back to Charminar area to do some shopping. As Along is not feeling well, I went back early with her.

This trip was a memorable one. When I met 5 awesome people in my life and we speak the same language - traveling. If there is a chance to travel again with them, I'll say yes. Up to today we will still meet up and having our day out together. Till next trip insha Allah.