Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Germany-Austria 2015 , Part 1

Once am in Dubai, one of my regular customer called me.

She said you wanna follow my school trip to Germany?
It was 4am in Dubai time, I was half awake while am saying YES.
What on my mind that time? School field trip, it's must be cheap.
New country, new stamp on the passport. What else I want? With closed eyes, I replied her whatsapp YES.

The next morning, I thought I was dreaming about it. But when I checked my conversation with her, what the effff? It's real!!
I checked on her date. OMG it's school holiday.
Where it's the most busiest period in a year. Busy, means money.
Germany or Money?
As avid traveler where insane is my middle name, I said who cares. Ado joki ado!

Then I asked, how much I need to pay? RM5k. What? Inclusive everything?
Yeap...OK am jumping up and down.
How many students?
15 of them and 6 are teachers including you.
Wow! Big group.
OK! Excited mode is ON.

Will we when to the big FAT CASTLE? She said YES.
Then I'm happy me and can't wait to be back at that time to start planning my day ahead. As am going  on a Spring- Summer trip. This is my 1st Summer experience.Yeay!

Anyway, alhamdulillah. Another journey to another country where I met new people and they are fuck*ng awesome!

Till then. Lemme checked on the photos, read again my notes & routes and pray that I've the time to write this journey of mine to be shared with all of you.

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