Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Germany 2015- Part 2

It's the day. The day when we suppose to fly out from KL- Dubai - Frankfurt.
It's a group of people.
A group of teachers and boarding school students.
As we're flying out at night, I just wearing to loose attire cuz I know I'll be sleeping all the way from Dubai.
It's Emirates. It's just like my 2nd home on air.
I just get to use with the flight ever since flying with them this couple of years.

Smooth journey, till we reached Dubai. It's a long transit about 4 hours. I just spend my nite at the airport.
Eating Paul's my favourite cafe, and tired of waiting.
Hopped the flight to Frankfurt and after 5 hours, hola Frankfurt.

I was like smiling ear to ear cuz my so called adventure gonna started soon.
From Frankfurt we took a train to Gottingen.It's a university town.It's a small city in the middle of Germany.
We arrived there a bit late as one of our members lost her bag. Where all the passport and important documents are all inside.
Then in a middle of the night it took us to arrive our 1st homestay in Germany.
It's fu*cking cold and yeah, the place was awesome.
Can't wait to start our new adventure there.

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