Saturday, December 19, 2015

Germany 2015 - Part 4

It's a cold day in Gottigen. It's a end of Spring and Summer is coming soon.
As Gottigen is nearby the Harz Mountains which famous with Germany Fairy Tales and where the witches from all over the world meet up place for the orgy.

It's good to know some basic information about the place that you've been rite?

We started our day by been locked in the house and we can't open the front door.OMG we created another scene just by jumping out from the windows.LOL..what an experience for us. Sakit la dah tuo melompek tang tingkap, nak tertangga kaki Kak Jemah niaa.

It's 1st of June so we're having an educational visit to one of the school in Gottigen area itself.
It's for the kids to mingle around and exchange the knowledge with the locals.

It was really a nice experience for them and for us too.

We spend almost half a day in the school and then we went around the Gottigen city to have our own free and easy time. I spend most of the time shopping and watching the people around me once waiting for the whole group to get together before we went back to our home stay.

Relatively, Göttingen lies in the very center of Germany and is easily accessible from most parts of the country. It has no airport, but can be easily reached by train or car from larger cities that do. Göttingen's Hauptbahnhof is a stop on the ICE (Inter City Express) train line between Hamburg and Munich and also on the ICE line between Berlin and the South of Germany.

Göttingen is approximately half an hour to Hanover, two hours to Hamburg, three hours to Berlin, four hours to Munich, and two hours to Frankfurt.

To be continued..

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