Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey 2014- Part 3

Alhamdulillah after 4 hours++ we arrived safely at Ataturk Airport.

Everything was fine except, where is my airport transfer?

I called Suleiman, the owner of the apartment and asked him about the airport transfer but, it took us more than 1 hour to get in the shuttle to our apartment. It's tiring, frustrating for me as I've told him earlier about my arrival time.

We're staying at the old city, the Sultanahmet area, where the Blue Mosque is just 500 meter away from our apartment.

It's cold, dark and am hungry.

Luckily the apartment was really nice for 7 of us except, the stairs are too small.

We check-in, have some rest and we cooked our meal that day.

I went to the shop nearby to buy some groceries and have a nice night out that nite even it's really cold.

View from our apartment. Till then,  to be continued.

Things to ponder
*we booked our apartment through
*need to confirm about the airport transfer
*old city area required a lot of walking to the main attraction

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Turkey 2014 - Part 2

17th October was our date to be departed from Malaysia to Dubai.

On the day, all of us gathered at the airport and try to get to know each other. I only know 3 of them and another 3 on that day.It's another challenge for me. To travel with strangers!!!

My head starts thinking a lot. How if they don't like it.How if they will complain?Arghh, that's what I hate the most.

Our flight at 10.30 am local time with the total of 12 bags checked in. Phew 7 person with 12 bags and the adventure not yet begin.Now I'm so ruin if they are shopaholic!( extra baggage)

The journey to Dubai was really smooth except for the 1st time I saw someone ( I mean my travel partners) ate Nasi Impit on board. They brought bekal on board and eat Nasi Impit with rendang. Ok fine, it's funny and weird for me but it's ok as long they're happy.

Once we touched down, our hand luggages were send to my friends house as my mom don't want to follow us strolling over Dubai. As we only have 21 hours before our tomorrow's flight, I've decided to bring them to Dubai Mall, to take some photos of Burj Al Dubai, the Fountain, the Aquarium and having a nice day out there.

They enjoyed it so much and take as many photos as it can be. Then we went to my friend's house and sleep over there for a nite before we off to Istanbul the next morning.

The traveling partners are Zac, Maina, Kak Abid, Kak Mid & Along.

Things to ponder:
*Malaysian don't need visa to enter UAE
*There are taxi for ladies in Dubai
*Once arrived at the airport just find the signage for Taxi and Q there
*They speaks English everywhere
*Their money is AED - Emirati Dirham
*Dubai Mall is HUGE. Avoid being there on weekends, especially Friday.It was packed, the toilet is not as clean as it used to be, and you can have what type of food there as everything is HALAL.
*Go for Dubai Fountain Show at 6pm.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Turkey 2014 - Part 1

Jetlag strikes me.

I've touched down since 3pm, having the nice of breezy Malaysian air and had nice Malaysian meal, then a nice shower from my own bathroom then I fall asleep like a baby on my bed.

Owh! How I missed being home.15 days away and missing those smell of my pillows are really hard actually. Somehow, I love to be out from my comfort zone and challenge myself out but missing home is always part of me.

After a nice sleep, now I'm fully awake jumping out and down watching my favourite series Scandal, while typing this too. LOL :)

Let's get started.

I've been dreaming to have a solo trip to Turkey ever since I want to be there. It's just because not many people will be happy with my addiction of historical places if they follow me there.

I've been dreaming ever since to see Blue Mosque in front of my eyes, have glance of Hagia Sophia, feel the victory once in the Constantinople used to be the capital of Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires.

Duhh! Alien words for non historical fan people hah..

OK not going to write some history facts here but just wanna share with you Turkey from my eyes.

I've booked my ticket since June and planning for the Autumn trip as I'm dying to wear any of my 7 trench coats that I've with my knee high boots. Well it's me, I love being photographed, I love selfie and hell yeah am addicted to myself. 

Can I say that too? Weirdo? Come on at least I've the guts to admit for that and I know myself to damn well before anyone of you gonna say bad about me.Woohoo...

After Eid, some of my friends wanna tag along for my trip. Well instead of being alone, I think the more is merrier. Damn! Without realising that I'm going to plan for every single thing for the trip and manage around 40k++ of money for the tickets and ground arrangement. As they are 7 of us!

OK we will see what RM7k per person will do for us.

The route will be KL- Dubai-Istanbul-Cappadocia-Pamukkale -Ephasus - Athens -Santorini.
8 places, 7 peoples with RM7k per person.

Woweee...It was a big decision. It was tiring days of planning, reading every single reviews, trying to find the best ground arrangement, the best place to stay, the itinerary, need to check the entrance ticket for each places, activities, meals, transportation and bla bla bla.

I'm not interested in hiring any Travel Agency for this,  because I want to challenge myself of doing everything by myself.

So, I've booked my tickets through Emirates and plan for 21 hours of transit for me to meet some  of my friends and stroll over the Dubai Mall, before off to Istanbul.

My ticket was booked on June and I got it at RM2.2k for return ticket while them RM2.6k as they booked 3 months later than mine.

After the tickets are booked, now the tiring part started. The ground arrangements. Most of my hotels booking done by Booking.Com and for my accommodation.

Both are trusted website and not to worry to much. Done the air tickets, done with the ground arrangement and the adventure begin! Yeeehaaaa....