Tuesday, September 8, 2015

India 2015, Part 4

It took me nearly a month to write back in this blog. *bluergh*

Damn..yeah am f*cking busy nowadays to catch up life. August will be the sweetest month as it's when my birthday.

Now it is September. The ninth month of the year and I'm still stuck with my India's story.

Well well well..Day 3 here. So what's next? Ramoji Film City it is. Owh what's dat? *flipped hijab of mine*

It's a Universal Studio or Film City alike of Indian version.

It is so? I think it's more like Holywood movie set studio and it's damn huge.It's a film city dear. Can you imagine. Yeah please do so.They have this.Am so impressed.

For Bollywood lover like me *facepalm* this is the place for the shooting for some of the movie. Awesome!

We decided to ask the owner of the apartment to arrange for our transportation there as it's like out of town. It charged us like RM30 per pax for return journey.

So it's affordable with private coach of your own. Before we went there, we had an awesome breakfast like a king at one of the hotel there.

Yeap! When I said hotel, it's sound wow ( like orang kaya) but the the truth is,  this is the place where you can be assured about the quality and the cleanliness of the food! It cost us just for RM7 per pax and hell yeah the table are full with food ya'all. Am a happy me indeed!*joget, joget*

Check out here for more photos and details.

Ramoji Film City here I come.

The place is super huge. When I said it's huge its really huge. About 1600 acres. Welcomed by a big entrance and ticket cost us 800 Rupees, and it's damn hot that day, we decided to buy hat & cap to protect the beautiful face from the sun. *sigh*

Be inside it in a day, catch every shows, and then some of us split as the Q are damn too long and meet up at the vegetarian restaurant inside it for lunch. It was damn so good. I love it so much.

Tq Toy for the super awesome photos!

Then we went back to the city to try beriyani at one of the restaurant called Shahi and it's cost us like RM11 per pax with big portions of food. Again, yeap again, I can't resist the taste of Beriyani here. It's just like chunky heaven!

Dinner and back home to the apartment. I dunno what their activities as am too tired and off to my lalaland earlier as I've lotsa online classes to be entertained once am there.

To be continued till next time!